How to care for Sleeping Bags

Technical Guides: How to care for Sleeping Bags

Most importantly, DO NOT use typical detergents that you might use for regular washing as these detergents are loaded with very efficient surfactant cleaning agents that strip away the oils and finishes that are important to retain in your synthetic or down bag. Only use specific down cleaning products such as Nikwax Down Direct for down bags and Nikwax Tech Wash for synthetic bags.

During Use

  • Allow your sleeping bag to air dry whenever you can on a trip. Even an hour in the sun while doing breakfast can be helpful.
  • Wear long undies or something similar to sleep at night. This helps keep your bag cleaner and it feels better for you too.
  • Unpack and air dry your sleeping bag immediately after every trip or use even if you do not wash it this time around or intend to wash it later.
  • Do NOT wait a day or more to unpack! This is critical for all bags and tents.
  • Do not store your bag stuffed up; only use a stuff sack for it when tripping


  • We recommend washing over dry cleaning
  • Only use detergent specifically for down cleaning or synthetic materials; follow directions
  • Close all zippers and Velcro
  • ONLY use a washing machine with NO agitator
  • Double rinse
  • Dry in dryer on low to medium for an one to two hours
  • Using dryer balls is recommended to help prevent static and minimize clumping
  • Remove and air dry for a day then fluff out by “beating” gently with a broom handle or similar; put back in dryer on low to medium until definitely dry, typically 30 – 45 minutes

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning can be done with a regular granular detergent made into a grainy paste in your palm and then applied to the spot, or by using dish detergent on the limited spot area; the key is only to use as a spot cleaner on the shell.

Further Advice or Help

Just call us during store hours at 250 814 2575 for further details or advice if needed.

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