How to care for Tents

Technical Guides: How to care for Tents
Quality tents are built to withstand wind, rain, and even snow load, but they can be weakened quickly with poor care.

Three factors impact your tent the most. These are ultra-violet radiation, organic materials such as bacteria from soil, bird droppings, and sap from trees, and human error.


During Use

  • Where possible minimize your tent’s prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Set your tent up well back from any open flame or fire
  • Ensure pole ferrule sections are fully inserted before tensioning the pole system
  • Wherever possible always stake your tent out, especially in storm conditions
  • Use a footprint to minimize floor wear & tear
  • Unpack and let your tent air dry immediately on arriving home



  • Minimize damage done by bacteria and soil acidity by wiping down the exterior fly and floor surfaces with mild soap and clear warm water
  • Remove sap and bird droppings with mineral oil followed by hot water; for super tough sap use Goo Gone and rinse with hot water
  • Always ensure your tent is thoroughly dry before packing it up
  • Restore DWR if needed (see DWR section in Care & Feeding)


Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning can be done with a regular granular detergent made into a grainy paste in your palm and then applied or by using dish detergent; the key is only to use as a spot cleaner where needed.


Further Advice or Help

Just call us during store hours at 250 814 2575 for further details or advice if needed.

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